What Are The Best Chinese Electronics Companies


Chinese electronics companies are the best competitor in the field of technology. Actually, in our days and due to the development we are going through, companies are so competing to prove themselves. But China, and as a result of its hard working, was able to succeed and achieve an amazing presence around the world in the field of technology.

List of the best Chinese electronics companies

Chinese companies always compete to make the best electronics. Therefore, we will mention the most famous ones in the world.

China Mobile

It is a large Chinese company specializing in the field of smartphones, telecommunications and the Internet. Its market value reached about $134 billion in 2020, which is an amazing results compared to other companies


Founded in 1985 in Shenzhen China. Where it specialized in communications, networks and mobile phones therefore, it is obviously one of the world’s leading companies of communications and information solutions. Recently, smart phones have been made for several uses, including industrial use, gaming, and navigation system.


Huawei is well known for its products which is worthy to try and it is one of the best Chinese electronics companies. Where it ranked as the third worldwide in the market of smart phones . It is additionally one of the largest companies of phones and communications equipment, and it owns thousands of patents.

Chinese electronics companies


It is one of the most famous Chinese companies specialized in technology, founded in Hong Kong in 1988. It has research centers and factories in many countries, which helped it becoming very famous.

And it was marked by producing and trading desktops and personal computers. Later, it produced smart phones, internet devices, screens, tablets and smart electronic devices for homes. Recently, it has become interested in virtual reality products, gaming software and smart collaboration solutions. 

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Other Chinese electronics companies

Hisense is one of the leading Chinese companies in home equipment and electronics. It was founded in China and its first production was the radio, later it produced TVs.

With the technological development that we have reached, it has become working in modern house equipment, for example refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. Moreover, it entered the field of communications industry like smart phones and visual communications.

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Haier was founded in China in 1948. It later transformed from a small factory to a giant electronics and technology company. It makes air conditioners, refrigerators, smart phones and computers. Haier now has 10 research and development centers in various countries. In addition, 106 marketing centers around the world.

Xiaomi has been very successful lately where it ranked third in the world as the most selling companies. This company is known for its unique and creative ideas. For example, it is the first to announce wireless charging technology. Through a base for wireless charging, which has become a revolution in the technology world. In addition, fitness trackers, air purifiers, and many other advanced electronic devices.

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Briefly, this is the best Chinese electronics companies and thanks to them, China was able to achieve its dream of reaching the best level in the world of modern technology, information and electronics industry.