China the Sleeping Giant


The sleeping giant is a name has given to China, and you must have wondered why, especially if you are interested in knowing exciting things about China. Which is one of the most important countries and the largest trading power in the world.

Who said that China is a Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant is a name that spread after Napoleon Bonaparte warning, about 200 years ago. When he said, “China is a sleeping giant, let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world”.

With these words, the French General Napoleon Bonaparte called China the Sleeping Giant. And of course you should know that China is no longer a sleeping giant. But rather, a giant that stops others from sleeping.

Why is China called the Sleeping Giant

The French leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, was able to predict the current reality of the world in which the sleeping giant awakened.

This led to a complete change in the reality of the global economy and technology, as a result of the huge power of China, and due to several factors, including the population of one billion and 410 million people.

china the sleeping giant

And here is some important information that show how China developed itself:

  • China is currently number one in exporting, which is not surprising. And if you look at most of the things you use in your daily life, you will find most of them are made in China.
  • China is also the second country in importing. Actually, a country with a large economy like China, with a huge amount of exports will need huge imports in order to supply the country and industry with all important materials.
  • China is an attractive factor for many companies, due to the many economic factors that it has, such as its large market to sell products, and many low-cost job opportunities compared to other countries, which allows companies to produce low-cost products, while maintaining a large profit margin at the same time.
  • This was not always the case. In 1978, the average per capita income was less than the normal per capita rate in half of the countries of Asia, and two-thirds of the countries of Africa, but that changed with time. And as a result, China was able to help more than 800 million citizens even though there is still much to be done.

Things to know about China

Nature in China

What makes China special is its vast and varied nature. Such as, the tropical jungle, mountains, especially the Himalayas mountain range, and many other amazing natural areas.

China’s economy

China’s economy is one of the best in the world. Since the Chinese government adopted a new economic development strategy in 1978, China has been able to top the list of economic countries in the world.

The Chinese economy has had a quick growth compared to other countries that have followed the economic reform system.

Language in China

China cares about its own mother language. Han Chinese is the main language in the country. And despite it is very difficult, many Chinese are fluent in this language.

The national languages ​​are also spread in some different Chinese regions. Where many Chinese use it.

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Finally, with all these very big changes, we can tell that China could develop itself significantly. And the sleep giant is now very awake!

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