The city of dwarves in China


The city of dwarves, Yangsi, in China, is located in the southwestern part of Sichuan Province. Which is surrounded by mountains and rice fields, and it has only 80 local residents.

It is a small city that most people pass by without noticing it. However, if you visit it, you may be surprised to see tiny villagers, 3 feet 10 inches high at most.

The secret of the city of dwarves

In China, some people may be surprised when visiting the city of dwarves. There are not only two families of dwarves, but more than half of the villagers have the same exact appearance.

They all go to their work in the fields and around their little village, as if there is nothing strange at all.

And, despite the size and smallness of its people, there are no common diseases, not even symptoms of mental illness in their community. Actually, they are very normal human beings, but, a normal person is a giant in comparison to them.

The city of dwarves in China

Possible causes of dwarfism in this village

Scientists were confused because of the same characteristics that people in this village have.They considered it as a rare mutation. So, they began to search for real reasons for this, and there were several possibilities, including:

  • There are many things brought up as the reason for the dwarfism in Yangsi. According to the elderly residents of Yangsi City, children between the ages of 5 and 7 had a mysterious disease that led to stopping the children’s growth which caused the emergence of the city of dwarves in China.
  • Although the Japanese did not reach Yangsi, some said that their ancestors dropped a curse on them because they did not bury them in a proper way, so its inhabitants became dwarves and the city of dwarves has appeared.

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  • One of the very strange reasons, is the black turtle curse, where the turtle was caught by the villagers. Unfortunately, the village was in the middle of a famine at that time. So, after discussions about letting the unique turtle go or eat it, they decided to kill the turtle and eat it. And according to this legend, the magical black turtle cursed the village with its dying breath and the tortoise condemned them to be dwarfed forever.

History of the city of dwarves in China

The Chinese authorities do not deny the existence of the village, but they keep the place closed to strangers. So, there are only a few pictures of the local people and some strange rumors about this village.

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Although dwarfism was officially recorded in this village in 1951 AD. However, reports of seeing dwarves date back to 1911 AD.

According to Oddty Central, the English scientist Dr. Caryl Robin Evans claimed in 1947 that he saw a few hundred dwarves living in a remote valley in the area where Yangsi is located.

Scientists have extensively tested the soil in the Yangsi region. As well as the water supply and the grains grown here. But they did not find anything inordinary at all.

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Finally, in Yangsi, dwarfism started to fade in the recent years. And the newer generations have shown very few cases of dwarfism. So, with all these information, there is no hope of knowing the real reason behind this strange situation at the present time, and we may never know.

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