Chinese Market in Dubai


The Chinese market in Dubai is an important place for tourists. It’s special for its magnificent building and the glamorous view.

This market includes many different sections and it is one of the most popular markets around the world.

Information about the Chinese market in Dubai

The Chinese market in Dubai is known as the Dragon Mart. It is one of the largest markets in Dubai and has 5,000 stores.

So, The total area is 150 thousand cubic meters and has seven main sections that take the form of a dragon.

Actually, prices are low and suitable for all.

This market opened in 2004 after two years of work to become a great market.

There was lots of visits to this market by tourists, as the number of visitors registered during one year is about 40 million.

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Chinese market in Dubai

What is in Dragon Market

It has many shops which sells different goods such as:

  • Large stores for traditional clothes, carpets and mirrors.
  • Lots of restaurants with large halls for eating.
  • Cafés specializing in delivering cold, fresh juices and hot drinks.
  • There are cinemas with approximately nine screens, which shows high quality shows.
  • The market includes FabyLand City, one of the world’s largest leisure gaming cities. It is divided into an adult section and a children’s section. And it also contains electronic games.
  • There is a lot of companies specializing in various fields and takes 80% of the market size with a lot of employees.
  • A large supermarket with all kinds of food.
  • Stores specializing in fashion, footwear shops and perfume shops.
  • Shops for selling electrical tools and sports equipment.
  • Home furniture shops with modern and traditional fabrication.
  • Finally, it has special shops for cars and trucks.

Working times in the Chinese market in Dubai

The market opens all the week except the official holiday days.

Normally, it works 12 hours a day from 10 AM to 10 PM , from Saturday to Wednesday every week.

The timing varies on Thursday as the number of hours increases as it opens from 10 AM to 11 PM. And on Friday from 2 PM to 10 PM.

Chinese Market Features

Many people who come to Dubai want to visit the market due to the many features it offers.

  • Parking that provides safety for cars.
  • The market is only half an hour from Dubai airport, so it’s very close.
  • There are a lot of hotels so the tourists can stay during their visit to the market.
  • It is one of the largest groups with different nationalities from all the world.
Chinese market in Dubai
hotels near the market

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Finally, the Chinese Market in Dubai is the main destination for many tourists because it shows a lot of different offers and features. So, what do you think about this market? Tell us in the comment.

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