China Gift to Qatar Celebrating The Mondial – Two Giant Pandas


China giant pandas gifted to Qatar for the Mondial was so exceptional in comparison to those given from China to the other countries.

And it was an expression of the future collaborations between them both. So, if you want to know the story of Suhail and Thoraya and its symbol, please read this article.

China gift to Qatar for the mondial

Although China did not qualify for the football mondial, it supported Qatar which hosts it matches in 2022.

The Chinese companies established many projects for this great sport event. In addition, it has been announced that a gift is going to be given to Qatar for hosting the world cup.

The gift was two giant pandas from China, and this is called the Chinese Panda diplomacy. The pandas were received by Qatar in 2022, before starting the Mondial.

China giant pandas

What is the importance of those China giant pandas

Qatar was classified as the first country in the Middle East that gets a panda from China and the twentieth one in the world.

It is the first time that this kind of bears will live in the middle east. Add to that, doctors and specialists from international team will take care of Suhail and Thoraya.

Add to that, the celebration was in the north of Qatar in a place called Al Khor, which is 35 kilometers from Doha. And of course officials from both countries attended this celebration.

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The Symbol of the Chinese Gift to Qatar for the Mondial

This gift was presented from a billion and a half Chinese people to promote the relationship between Qatar and China.

Moreover, this gift is a special symbol for China to express the friendship between the two countries.

Two barns were built for the pandas, and they are called “Panda House”. They are the biggest barns in the world with 120 thousand square meters.

2800 Bamboos were planted to feed the pandas, and visitors had the ability to see them in the Mondial.

The climate in the barns is suitable for the pandas because the barn design resembles the terrain of the pandas’ original land.

Information about the two giant pandas from China

The bear Suhail was born in 19 September in 2018, and it is a Chinese male bear called Jingjing in China, which means the bright crystal.

When it was presented to Qatar, its name changed to be Suhail, which means a star in the sky. And Suhail star is one of the most lightening stars in the Arabic Gulf sky.

As for Thoraya, it was born in 26 July in 2019, a Chinese female bear called Si Haw in China. And its name was changed to Thoraya which is also the name of a star in the sky.

Suhail was presented to Qatar when it was 4 years old, while Thoraya was three years old.

It is worth mentioning that pandas are in danger of extinction, and they have been sent to Qatar to protect them.

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To conclude, after the Chinese gift to Qatar, there was a question about the collaboration between the two countries, and whether China will give more presents to the Arabic countries or not.

And China, despite being out of the Mondial, tries to participate in it with great details. So, what do you think about the Chinese gift? Tell us in the comments.

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