Is Chinese The Future Language?


Is the Chinese a future language? It’s a question needs an answer.

In fact, Chinese language is one of the oldest written languages in the world, and it has been used for 3000 years.

Add to that, it has unique features, for example, it does not contain verbs, tenses or even grammars. So, we are going to answer the question through our article

The importance of Chinese language

Chinese language can be an international language that challenges English. Because of the development of the Chinese empire (especially the economic development) and the spreading of Chinese companies and investments which made China the second biggest global economic power in the world,

Thus, many people seek the learning of this language and develop their skills to get more job opportunities in the Chinese companies and multi-national companies.

For this reason, China established more than 12 institutions to teach the Chinese language in nine Arabic countries.

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Moreover, China conducted academic courses with multiple levels for 70 thousand students around the world.

So, in Beijing, there is a center called Confucius to study the future language, Chinese, and other languages with four plans to teach the Chinese language at schools and institutions through web, and they are the following:

  • A mobile application to teach the Chinese language through the so-called “cloud service”.
  • The Chinese language bridge club program.
  • A plan to teach the Chinese language through the Internet.
  • The project of Testing the levels of Chinese language teaching.
Chinese language the future
Chinese language

The features of the future language, Chinese

Many people think that learning the Chinese or the Mandarin language -which is the mother language- is difficult and takes a lot of time.

In fact, it is simple and uncomplicated and it has many features that attract languages lovers such as:

  • The Chinese language is the most used one around the world:
    The development of the Chinese projects, their widespread around the world, as well as, the military forces which played a big role in attracting people to learn this language.
    This made it spread more than French, English and German.

  • It comprises unlimited numbers of letters and shapes:
    Unlike other languages that have a specific number of letters, the Chinese language is so flexible.
    And if you want to read a book in Chinese, it is enough to learn 2000 or 3000 letter and shape only.

  • The Chinese is an ancient language:
    It is well known that the Chinese civilization is very ancient. The evidence of its history is finding turtles shells with Chinese engravings inside them.
    Throughout history, this language developed with different accents and branches such as the Mandarin accent which is the most used language in China.

  • The Chinese Language comprises many languages:
    The Chinese language contains seven other languages like the Hakka, Yue, Cantonese and Mandarin languages. This is why it is called (Language Family).

  • A graphic language:
    It depends on shapes, paintings exactly like the hieroglyphic language used by the ancient Egyptians.
    These shapes denote specific meanings that should be learnt to know the structure of other letters.

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Finally, we can say that learning Chinese is not impossible, mainly because of the Internet and this surely make the Chinese language be a future language.

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