Chinese Tower Built On One Day .. A Chinese Miracle


The Chinese tower which was built In one day is a real Chinese miracle.

actually, China is still fascinating us with its unprecedented architectural achievements. A Chinese company called “Broad” built a residential tower on one day.

This tower consists of 10 floors that have been recently designed. And this process took only 28 hours and 45 minutes.

Building the Chinese tower on one day

The Chinese company “Board Group” has made a revolution in architecture in China as it built the residential tower “Living Building” which consists of 10 floors on only one day.

This event was a trend on social media and on TV channels as it tower was described as a miracle because it was built in a short time that never happened before.

Moreover, building residential constructions is not an easy thing since this would take weeks or months, especially that the tower consists of 10 floors that are completely well-prepared.

chinese tower

The steps of building the tower

The Chinese construction company created a clever new concept in building this tower, which was a revolution in architecture in China.

This process went through many stages that saved time and effort:

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Making the project components

All the tower components were built in special units in a local factory of Broad Group company.

The components were made with high levels of accuracy and quality through using the best building materials.

In addition, the company adopted specific measures to be as the size as a sea container of 40 feet long, in order to facilitate transporting and linking them cross the sea or the land.

Transporting all the components to the building site

All the components were transported to the building site in Changsha by trucks.

They were linked and crumpled through the use of huge levers and with the help of a big number of workers in order not to take a big place.

Constructing the Chinese fastest tower in the world

The constructing process started with linking all the units together by a group of the best workers in China.

Moreover, they put insulated glass windows in 10 floors. Then the company accessed electricity and water to the building to be habitable in 29 hours.

The characteristics of the new-built tower

As we mentioned above, Broad Group company followed the modernist standards in building this tower that surprised the whole world.

The company declared some details about the characteristics of this tower:

  • The best kinds of steel were used (100% stainless). It is also lifelong and strong.
  • Used steel is lightweight 10 times less than the carbon steel and 100 times stronger.
  • The company built the tower in a way that makes it resistible to earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • The cost of building this tower is very low in comparison to the traditional budget for building carbon towers.
  • Moreover, a twenty-centimeter soundproofing system was used in the wall.  
  • The company declared that the best feature of this tower is that it can be deconstructed and rebuilt in another place.
  • The soundproofing glass windows are preferred by all people.

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Did China build a building in 28 hours?

Yes, it did.
As we mentioned above, Broad Group constructed a 10-storey building in 28 hours and 45 minutes in Changsha in China.

How does China build so fast?

They always break projects to many parts based on terrain and its engineering solutions, then they ask the design teams to do their job.

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