The Smart Pharmacy in China


The Smart Pharmacy in China is a pharmacy which can work a full-time without a pharmacist !

Actually, there is no doubt that China is the source of every development and extraordinary technology.

So, this pharmacy is a great achievement of the artificial intelligence in China in the medical field so let’s know more about it.

The Smart Pharmacy in China

It is considered one of the best inventions in China, for it provides all kinds of medicine in a short time without any mistake.

All pharmacies in China use this invention to provide medicine to all patients at any time.

Thus, it works full-time and all patients are satisfied with this pharmacy because it has made their life easier and saved time and effort.

In fact, almost all regions in China contain such pharmacies. As they were overused during Corona Pandemic to reduce human contact and protect people.

The Smart Pharmacy parts

The smart pharmacy is a small room full of shelves with many kinds of medicine on them.

There is an automatic robot provided with sensors for more functions. Also, this robot has hooks to take medicine from the shelves.

There is a window to insert the medicine and put it on shelves through a computer used by the pharmacist.

Otherwise, you can immediately enter the pharmacy through a glass door and put the medicine yourself.

And of course, the existence of the human pharmacist is very important for inserting the medicine. But the rest of things like dealing with money and prescriptions can be easily done by the smart pharmacy.

Smart Pharmacy in China

The smart pharmacy services in China

This smart pharmacy offers services for both the patient and the pharmacist at the same time:

  • Providing all kinds of medicine such as: pills, drugs, badges and syringes.
  • Arranging the medicine according to its use and importance.
  • A program of getting the medicine in and out through a small computer in the pharmacy.
    This helps the pharmacist to do an accurate inventory. Moreover, he can know the left medicine and the weekly and monthly selling.
  • Automatic and accurate cashier to know the price of medicines. This automatic system provides a daily report about the selling and archives it.

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The Features of the Smart Pharmacy

There are many features of this invention which has the best services:

  • speed performance: It works with high efficiency that matches the ability of twenty employers. It also brings any kind of medicine or prescription within a few minutes.
  • Accuracy: this pharmacy helps to avoid the common mistakes that ends up in disastrous results.
  • Medical examination: the pharmacist now can make an accurate examination of the patient because he is not busy with bringing and prescribing medicine at the same time. In other words, he is completely dedicated to help the patient use the medicine correctly.
  • Increasing production: because of the speed and accuracy in performance, the pharmacist prescribes more medicines. Thus, patients are more comfortable with this pharmacy.
    It can deal with 6000 patients in one day.
    It also has an automatic system that works full-time, so the patient can take medicine at any time.

Finally, the smart pharmacy in China has made life easier and saved time and effort. And it is very important to know about such medical inventions because we really need it in our life.

So what do you think about this pharmacy? Tell us in the comments.

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