Getting A Personal Loan In China


How do I get a personal loan in China? Actually, getting a loan in China is one of the helpful services given from the governments to citizens for the mutual benefit for both of them. So, read this article to know what you have to do exactly.

Types of personal loans in China

In fact, there are many available types of loans that we are going to mention down below:

The costed personal loan

It is a loan in which paying the loan’s profits and observing it are entrusted to someone rather than the client. The international council manages the money of the client according to the purpose of the loan.

Home improvement personal loan

It is a loan to maintain the house and decorate it, including buying the furniture and other valuable things.

The personal loan for cultural spending

This loan is required for personal issues. And it is the most common loan for things like education, training, traveling, wedding, health or even for cosmetic surgeries.

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The personal loan through the Internet in China

It refers to the clients’ ability to apply to a loan through the internet and cost through bank services through the internet or the mobile phone.

This project has many features, such as the widespread functions and available applications, in addition to numerous assurances to get your money at any time and place.

The money of the loan can be continually used and costed at any time.

Study abroad loans

It offers money to study abroad. Through this loan, you can pay the studying fees and living costs for the clients and their relatives during studying abroad.

Add to that, you can get a credit card that is well-known by the embassy.

personal loan in China

The requirements of getting a personal loan in China

There are many things that must be available in the client to get a personal loan in China:

  • To be a Chinese citizen (except for the people living in Hong-Kong and Macau and Taiwan) that are completely related to the Chinese civil behavior.
  • To have a Chinese identity card or a residence certification and a military service document.
  • To have a good credit history and a good income to pay the loan on time.
  • To have legal and accepted assurances (commitments).
  • The client should have a certain plan to explain his way of investing the loan money.

The documents to get a loan in China

Simply, if you are eligible, you can easily get a personal loan. However, you have to complete some documents which are:

  • The identity card and a record of the living situation of the family of the client an his wife, in addition to the conscription document .
  • An income proof.
  • The purpose of the loan.
  • The assurances and commitments.
  • The other documents and papers required from the funding agency.
personal loan in China

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In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that we should be cautious when it comes to personal loans. The accumulation of debts and the inability to pay them, may enforce you to seize your property.

Thus, you should keep in mind not to be negligent in paying the loan in China. And feel free to comment on our article.

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