How to get a job in China


To get a job in China, there is no doubt that you have to know the options of well-paid jobs in China and how to find one.

It is popular that China is the nation of technology and development. However, with the variety of job opportunities and the massive population, getting a job becomes more difficult.

In this article, we are going to know how to find a job in China.

Recommendations to get a job in China

Here are some recommendations for you in case you are searching for a job in China:

First, you should be able to speak Chinese to make things easier.

However, if you want a job where you can speak English, it is better to head to the big cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. As these jobs can be found in foreign investments companies.

In addition, there are other available jobs, but you have to speak the Mandarin language.

get a job in China

The job requirements in China

You can make sure that you will find a job if you are aware of the conditions and committed to them.

The days of work are from Monday to Friday. And according to the law, workers do not work more than 40 hours weekly; which means that they work 8 hours daily.

Although overtime work is common in China, the companies pay money for this additional work.

One of the important factors to get a job is to be qualified to work. This refers to the age of the applicants, their physical condition, their certifications, their experience and a language certification.

In general, women workers should be between the age of 18 and 55, and men between 18 and 60 years old.

The most common industries in China

When seeking a job in China, the first thing you search for is the most important industries in China.

For example: chemicals, building, technology, mining, consumer products, food processing and fabrics.

You can search for a job in (AsiaXPAT, expat jobs, electronic cities and 51 work).

How to get a job in China

  • Try to apply to a job before you go to China, because this will affect the type of the Visa that you need.
  • The easiest way for the international candidates to get a job is to be sent by companies in their countries.

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The job of teaching at Chinese schools

Teaching jobs are the most desired in China, especially if you have an English language certificate.

Actually, this is the most common way to get a job in China because teachers are offered good salaries.

On the other hand, the industrial sector also witnessed a great development.

Add to that, there are many schools and universities that offer jobs as teachers with good income. However, the main condition is to have either an IELTS or TEFL certifications.

get a job in China
Teaching in China

How does working in China seem

Like all the other countries, the work days are five in China. And the Chinese government has also set rules to overcome job problems, so that workers are not pressured.

Actually, any work has advantages and disadvantages. Thus, working in a country which is cramped and economically developed is not easy in any way, especially for those who cannot speak Chinese.

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Finally, this is the information you should know about how to get a job in China. Let me know if you have tried to find a work in China before, and did you get one?

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