The fastest Hotel in China-Built in just 90 hours!


The fastest hotel in China which was built in only 90 hours is not a wonder due to the development that China witnessed as well as the government supporting for modern sciences and technologies. So, let’s know more about this hotel.

A brief about the fastest hotel in China

Ark company built a hotel in China using fast- building strategy. It is located in Lin Gang in Xiangyin province and was built in 2 December in 2011.

This building consisted of 15 floors and the team finished building it in less than six days.

Basically, the building exterior needed about 46.5 hours. Add to that, its exterior cladding and interior roofs took another 90 hours.

The materials used in the building

A sixth of the materials used in the building was previously used in building a hotel with the same size, but with adding 20% of the costs.

Still, it can bear an earthquake with 90 degrees.

The techniques used in building the fastest hotel in China

The building team used some techniques when they started building the hotel to achieve high quality in using the energy which costed five times the similar buildings.

This energy was centered in the three-part windows and external solar systems with 6 inches of LED heat insulation in addition to ventilation system and light systems.

The main plan aimed to build 15 similar buildings in China and 30 hotels in other countries.

fastest hotel in China

The adopted building works

Work team, which consists of more than 200 workers, finished the underground basis of the hotel within 90 hours.

They mainly depended on readymade materials which were prepared in a special factory. Thus, the company gave time to the process which should be done into six days.

Although many warnings were taken into consideration, the workers’ speed was really wonderful.

Add to that, the technology of building was really adopted in China when the team built a ward for the international Shanghai exhibition.

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The most remarkable things in this hotel

There are many things that made the building so attractive:

  • The speed in building attracted the attention of many developers
  • Used technique in building the fastest hotel in China.
  • The environmental aspects that were took into account.
  • The equal use of resources.
  • Decreasing the use of building remnants.
  • Energy efficiency added to the building.

The designing of the hotel

The tower was built around a strong basis using a steel frame to block the steel roofs for every floor.

Moreover, the roofs which were previously built outside the site, contain all the bars and electronic wires needed in building, as well as the other attachments used in speed combining.

The hotel was completely covered with glass insulation of 15 cm to make the air fresh inside the hotel.

This system can make the ear 20 times cleaner for the Chinese habitants.

Actually, this hotel was classified as one of the five-stars hotels which includes 30 storeys.

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To conclude, there will be many surprises in China in the future when it comes to discoveries and innovations. So, to know more about China, keep up with: Mar7aba China.  

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