Wealthiest Cities in China – Only for rich people!


Wealthiest cities in China are the best places for rich people. Actually, the Chinese Republic is considered among the richest countries in the world.

The total average domestic product is 100% since 1978. In addition, the government saved 800 million people from poverty. So, let’s know about these cities.

A list of the wealthiest cities in China

We should know that the total domestic product is not the only crucial factor that defines the city wealth. However, the different industries also contribute to the development of China.

As a result, this leads to finding excellent jobs with less taxes, so that economy develops more and more. So we are mentioning the richest cities in China:


It comes at the top of the list of the wealthiest Chinese cities and it is a great example of the continually developed Chinese economy.

Shanghai is flourished because of its geographical site which enables the access to the neighboring countries. In addition, it is considered the global center of innovation, and the national center of trading and transportation.

It also contains the most congested port in the world “Shanghai port“.

Add to that, there are six main industries in Shanghai: banks, car industry, information technology, machine industry, retailing and property selling.

So basically, these industries form half of the gross domestic product which is 607,82 billion.

Shanghai is the second country in China with the number of the billionaires living in it.

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Wealthiest cities in China


Beijing, the capital city of China, is one of the richest cities. It hosts more than 144 billionaires, and the gross domestic product is 562 billion.

In addition, there are 52 headquarters of the Fortune Global 500 company and the companies owned by the country.

This city is famous for being the technical and trading center in China and its economy is growing rapidly.

Moreover, the gross domestic product is 13.8%, and this is a great average in China.


In fact, the gross domestic product in Shenzhen is 3 trillion yuan, which means about 421.6 billion.

This city witnessed serious developments in reformation and openness policies.

This can surely increase the gross domestic product through many industries that strengthen Shenzhen economically such as: the logistic services, education, funding, and entertainment.

Statistics also showed that there are 114 billionaires in Shenzhen.

Wealthiest cities in China

Guangzhou is also one of the wealthiest cities in China

It is located on the delta of the Pearl River and it is an important economic and industrial city in China.

Also, Guangzhou is the main industrial center of the Pearl River.

The gross domestic product of Guangzhou is 394 billion. And the individual income is 22,317 dollars.

Statistics show that the main economic basis of this city comprises cars, electronics and petrochemicals. Add to that, the gross domestic product of all the industries is 55% in Guangzhou.


Hong-Kong is the fifth city in our list with a population of 7.6 million.

There are four main industries: commerce, financial services, logistic services, tourism and professional services.

It also enhanced the development of other sectors and offering job opportunities.

In fact, there is a great stock market in Hong-Kong. And companies have little taxes, and the government interference in the market is somehow invisible.

Finally, the gross domestic product is 368.14 billion


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To conclude, this was the list of the richest cities in China. In this article, we mentioned the economic factors that made these cities rich. So, tell us what do you think about these cities in the comments down bellow.

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