A Chinese girl but the best Arabic actress! Who is she (Video)


Asia, a Chinese girl but the best Arabic actress! She is well-known in Egypt and the Arab world. Actually, she seeks to be the best Arabic actress through posting videos that have lately become trends on social media.

She succeeded in getting the attention of millions, and she was famous for imitating Arabic actors such as Adel Imam and the singer Muhammad Ramadan.

Asia the Chinese girl but the best Arabic actress

She is a Chinese girl has mastered the Arabic language since she was nine. She has chosen the Arabic language as a studying specialty at university.

Her passion for the Arabic language led her to study MA and translation from Arabic to Chinese and vice versa at Shanghai university.

Also to enrich her education, she started watching Arabic films and plays, so that she was able to speak the Arabic colloquial language in her videos.

She entered the world of social media through posting some historical and cultural information related to China. After that, she suddenly showed her tendency to acting and her affection with the Egyptian actors.

She spoke Arabic in a way that attracted many people on social media and presented herself as a youtuber on her official account on Facebook.

In addition, her page on Facebook is followed by 220 thousand followers. This encouraged her to show more and more to be the best Arabic actress.

best Chinese Arabic actress

Asia’s most common works

Asia mentioned that she faced many difficulties in understanding the Arabic colloquial language at the first place, especially the Egyptian one.

However, she did not give up and determined to make her dream true. Thus, she traveled to Egypt five years ago to know more about its culture.

She visited the Pyramids, the famous Karnak temple and the Egyptian national museum.

Add to that, many Egyptian actors liked her videos in which she imitated them for example:

A Chinese girl but the best Arabic actress imitates Adel Imam

This title has been a trend on social media recently. Due to her acting a scene in the play “Shahed ma Shafsh Haga“.

Moreover, she acted two characters separately for the first time, and then she mixed them.

She expressed her love to Adel Imam and her passion for this play in particular, in spite of facing many difficulties in pronouncing some words and face expressions.

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A scene from “the Married” play

Asia appeared in a video imitating the actor Sameer Ghanem in his play “the Married“. She presented this video as a salute to his soul. She gradually become popular as the best Arabic actress.

Madrasat Almushaghibin play

Asia, the dreamer girl, appeared again in a video imitating Adel Imam in his play “Madrasat Almushaghibin” in a funny and interesting way.

The audience reacted with her and encouraged her to make more videos.

Other works of Asia

In her videos, Asia did not only imitate Adel Imam. However she also imitated Muhammad Saad, Ahmad Rateb, and Yousef Dawood as well as Muhammad Hnedi and many others.

She starred in acting Ahmad Maki‘s character “AL Kabeer“. She wore suitable customs, and this video had so many views on Facebook.

Also, she acted the character of Muhammad Ramadan in his TV series “the Legend“, and the role of Muhammad Subhi in his play “Takharif“.

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In conclusion, we mentioned some details and works of this Chinese girl who proved her talent in acting actors and her ambition to be an Arabic actress therefore, she was supported by the Arabs.

So, what do you think about Asia the Chinese girl but the best Arabic actress? Tell us in the comment.

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