The best Chinese drama – Top 6


Best Chinese drama is one of the most searched topics that attracts the fans of Chinese series. Which have been very popular in the past few years, specifically in Asia and the Arab countries. Also, the quality of Chinese series has increased dramatically that’s why it has a large army.

The best Chinese dramas you should have on your watch list

This is a list of the best Chinese dramas you should not miss if you are a fan:

best Chinese drama
The best Chinese drama

Chinese drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder 2019

Considered to be one of the best romantic Chinese series ever on Netflix. It is classified as a romantic and comedy drama.  

This series is adapted from the famous novel “Put your head on my shoulder”. The series has gained a lot of attention because of its flawless and exciting story.

The drama revolves around Si Tu Mo who feels anxious and unsure about her future plans, so she tries to make the most appropriate decision, when the beautiful young man, Gu Wei Yi, suddenly appears in her life and she becomes so confused because things take a different way when they are forced to live together in the same house…

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Chinese drama My Little Happiness 2021

If you are a fan of fun romantic Chinese dramas, This drama tells a romantic love story that will make you laugh a lot.

The drama revolves around childhood friends, who meet again by chance. And suddenly, they know that they are a neighbors… 

Chinese drama Forever Love 2020

It is one of the best Chinese dramas. It revolves around two lovers since high school. That go together from the same school to the same university. And in all cases and times, their relationship never faltered…

Chinese drama Accidentally in Love 2018

This drama tells the story of a 22-year-old girl, who is the heiress of a very rich family. Moreover, she is very kind and intelligent, and she prefers to live her life in her own way. So, she refused to marry someone whom her grandfather wanted.

She ran away under a fake name to attend college, and the real surprise happens when she meets a musical star named Situ Feng, as her classmate. And after a series of events between them, they finally began to like each other…

You Are My Destiny 2020

The drama tells a story of two people living on “parallel lines” and were never meant to interact, but an unexpected meeting transforms them into each other’s destiny.

This series is classified as comedy, drama, and family series. After that meeting, this series will make you happy and wanting to watch more and more of it…

Perfect And Casual 2020

It is about a cold and icy young professor and a beautiful calm schoolgirl. After a lot of situations that bring them together, they end up in a fake marriage.

The two agreed to engage in a contractual marriage. But the feelings between them start growing so that the love story became more than just a fake marriage…

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This was a list of the best Chinese dramas that were very popular in China and worldwide. Hope you enjoy watching.

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