10 Most Popular Sweets In China


The delicious popular sweets in China are the most important thing you have to try when you travel there.

Because when you go to a new country, you have to live a special experience and enjoy trying many new things “especially sweets”.

The most popular sweets found only in China

Chinese cuisine is known for its variety of sweets, as most tourists visit China to taste and enjoy these sweets.

popular sweets in China


Mooncake is one of the most popular desserts in China. The dough is made from lotus seeds and egg yolk and it is stuffed with different types of fruits, but the filling may vary according to the person preferences.

Green Dumplings popular sweets in China

The green dumpling dish is famous in Jiangnan region, and it is the favorite type for the people of this region.

It is made of rice flour and wormwood juice and stuffed with peanuts or lotus seeds

Pea-Flour Cake

It is a healthy steamed dish and is often eaten in summer months because it is a cold dessert dish.

It consists of sugar, persimmon, yellow gardenia, pea powder and persimmon cream.

Osmanthus cake

This cake has been famous for about 300 years because of its delicious, refreshing taste and its easy preparing as it consists of cooked rice flour, fresh osmanthus and rock sugar.

And this type of anti-depressant dessert is the most famous dessert in China.

jujube cake

The jujube cake is a traditional dish and is one of the most famous desserts in China.

It consists of flour, jujube paste, brown sugar and yeast. It is also known for being rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Other popular sweets in China

Sponge cake

This type is famous in many regions of China, especially the southern and the northern region. And it is special for its cooking method, as it is cooked over steam.

Add to that, this dish is nutritious and is also one of the Chinese traditional dishes.

Water chestnut cake

This cake has been very popular in Guangzhou, Fujian and Nanning. In addition, it was said that this cake has been cooked since the Tang Dynasty.

It consists of chestnut powder and sugar, which is cooked on sweet potato steam. Thus, it melts in the mouth and that’s what makes it so delicious.

Meat floss cake popular sweets in China

The meat floss cake is one of the light dishes which is characterized by its wonderful smell.

It also has a very appetizing crunch and is made from meat threads, wheat flour, mung beans, eggs and sugar.

Pineapple cake

This type of dessert is popular in Taiwan and is served at weddings instead of other types of sweets.

pineapple cake consist of pine nuts, egg yolks, chestnuts, pineapple, pumpkin. Additionally, oats can also be added if you want.

 Dragon’s beard candy

Dragon beard candy is one of the traditional dishes and the most famous types of candy in China, which is made from sugar gum, peanuts, sesame and coconut. It is also known as silver silk candy.

popular sweets in China

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Finally, we have mentioned the most famous sweets in China. Did you try making any of them? tell us in the comments down bellow.

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