The Chinese Proficiency Test – HSK Test


HSK Test is a certification that you certainly will need if you are thinking of traveling to China. Either to find a job, or to learn the Chinese language to get a bachelor or an MA certification.

So, let’s know more about the Chinese proficiency test.

What is the Chinese language proficiency test HSK

Have you ever wondered about the Chinese language proficiency test? Actually, it is the only language test adopted by China for the non-native speakers of Chinese.

This test is created by Beijing Language and Culture University, and it takes place in China and in other countries.

It is worth mentioning that the test is either online or written. And in both of them, you can use the simplified Chinese letters.

This test is available for the non-native speakers of Chinese as we mentioned above whether they are employed or students or even the Chinese people living outside China.

There are no specific conditions or requirements for those who want to take the proficiency test. If you want to improve your level in the Chinese language, this test is the best choice to opt.

HSK Test

HSK Test centers

In fact, the test has both written and online versions. However, online test does not mean that you can take the test from home, because it is an official test that is managed by special centers.

Thus, you can take the test from one of these centers. 

You can ask about the centers in your country and the test information through online links.

What makes people prefer the online version of the test is the ability to type the Chinese letters instead of handwriting. This makes things go easily and quickly at the same time.

Why do you need to take proficiency test

HSK is the most common test for students who want to study at Chinese universities.

Universities are requiring high levels of the test (the sixth level of HSK), because the level of the Chinese language used at universities is higher than the levels of the proficiency tests.

Nevertheless, some universities require lower levels. In this case, you should contact the university you would like to study at and ask about its language requirements.

The academic field is not the only reason for choosing this test. In fact, in the last few years, some Chinese companies started requiring HSK certifications for some job opportunities.

In addition, having this certification, especially the advanced level of it, adds more features to apply to a job in China.

HSK parts

  • HSK1 and HSK2 levels:
    These levels have two parts only which are listening and reading.
    There are 20 questions for the first part, while the second part has 35 questions. Reading questions are only 25 .
  • The levels from HSK3 to HSK6:
    These levels are made of three parts; listening, reading and writing.
    Students are required to have high skills in expressions and communication in the Chinese language to pass the test successfully.

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To conclude, this was a brief about the Chinese proficiency test. I hope that you like this article and feel free to write you comments down bellow.

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