Why Do You Have To Visit Taiwan in China


Taiwan is one of the Chinese provinces which is located in the eastern part of the country. It is special for its amazing nature and culture. So, in this article, we will talk about the reasons that make it important to visit Taiwan.

Mountain Ranges in Taiwan

There are a lot of amazing mountain ranges as some of them are more than 4000. That’s why they are an important destination for mountain sports lovers, whether climbing or hiking.

Mountain Ranges

Food and Snacks

Taiwan is famous for its delicious food and snacks, which is not so expensive. Taiwanese cuisine includes many delicious recipes, such as Beef noodles, oyster omelette (Orh Jian / Orh Luak) and milkfish. As well as gua bao, iron eggs, ba wan dumplings and pineapple cake. Therefore, many food lovers visit it to enjoy the food and learn about its culture.

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Taiwanese hot springs

Although typhoons and earthquakes are natural disasters that destroy cities, in Taiwan these are considered natural gifts because these earthquakes cause many hot springs to explode. And these springs are a very good way to heal many diseases. That’s why Taiwan is famous for medical tourism.

Lantern Festival in Taiwan

Lantern Festival is one of the most important romantic festivals in Taiwan. It is on the first full moon night of the lunar year.

In this festival they do lantern making and lantern puzzle games in addition to the shows of decorative lanterns. Also, the main dish at this festival is sticky rice dumplings (Zongzi 糭子 in Chinese) with sweet or salty fillings.


Sleepless Chinese New Year Parties

As many provinces and cities in China, the celebrations of the Chinese New Year in Taiwan include many activities. And while visiting, you can enjoy Dragon & Lion Dances, and filling the night time sky with spectacular fireworks.

The most important festivals that take place during this period are the Bombarding Master Handan Festival in Taitung and the Yanshui Beehive Fireworks Festival.

challenging cycling tours in Taiwan

Taiwan is a perfect place for the lovers of off-road cycling. Highway 11 on the east coast is a good place for cycling because it is 54 miles (87 kilometers) long and 10,744 feet (3,275 meters) above sea level. In addition, the nature on this road is so beautiful.

amazing train journeys

Train journeys in this city are an amazing opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature. The modern railways offer a variety of experiences that show you the charming coastal ways, gorgeous mountains, beautiful farmlands and the peaceful countryside.

It has about 1,100 km of traditional railways, in addition, its high-speed rail system is 350 km long along its western coast.

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In this article, we talked about the reasons that make it important to visit Taiwan. So, we also invite you to browse the (Tourism in China) section.

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